Small Surprises

A native green anole - also referred to as a

A native green anole – also referred to as a “chameleon,” due to its ability to change from green to brown – rests on a cattail in the early morning light. Orlando Wetlands Park. Copyright Audrey R. Smith, 2015.

I went to Orlando Wetlands Park this morning, because I was looking for small terrestrial orchids, and heard there were some to be found there.  Well, for stationary beings, they were very elusive.  I didn’t see a single one!  However, this little guy was a pleasant surprise.  It was still cool enough (astonishingly) that it was quite comfortable where it was, and didn’t mind my decidedly un-stealthy approach.  The light and the lines made for a satisfying image.

These little lizards are Florida’s native anole; its alternate color is a bright lime green.  The variable brown ones we see everywhere – some with sails, some with cross-hatch patterns, others with speckles – are invasive exotics; imported from the Bahamas and Cuba in every way small creatures get transported overseas.


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