My Introductory Thoughts

Okay, I admit, blogging is new to me.  I’ll get the hang of it.  I was always under the impression that people who blog frequently don’t–and I mean this kindly–have much else to do.  Well, I have plenty to do, but I have recently come to understand what a valuable tool a blog can be, particularly when you want people to know about what you have or what you do.  This blog for NatureQuest Photography is now in existence, because I have things that pop into my head, as we all do, but I have to put mine down in writing, or my brain would overload.  These thoughts usually correlate to images I have made, or something that occurred while making said images.  Therefore, if you care to check out what’s here, I promise I won’t waste your time, as you could be so extremely busy like I am and have to work on your own blog. 


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